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Institute of Computer Technologies

Design and manufacture of high complexity multilayer PCBs

Outsourcing electronics development and PCB design services


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Manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards

Institute of Computer Technologies (ICTech) specializes in design and manufacture of high complexity multilayer printed circuit boards. ICTech engineering department provides technical support for the customers at all stages of their projects. Institute of Computer Technologies supplies PCBs from prototypes up to mass production. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best quality, competitive price and best service level.

ICTech product range:

To order printed circuit boards you need to send us the PCB design or the design documentation files in the format of Gerber (RS-274X) and the file of drilling in the Excelon or HPGL format.

After the analysis of the design documentation the specialists of Institute of Computer Technologies would give advice to the customers to optimize the PCB layout.

Before starting the production of printed circuit boards ICTech engineers conduct a final check of the design documentation and coordinate parameters of the PCB with the customer.

Quality control of printed circuit boards is carried out in accordance with the demands of standard IPC-A-600. Upon request, there is the possibility for inspection of additional PCB’s parameters.

Each batch of printed circuit boards is accompanied with the output control report.

Electric control is carried out for all printed circuit boards.

Warranty on all printed circuit boards - within six months from the date of manufacture.

Delivery of printed circuit boards to the Ukrainian territory is free of charge.

Printed Circuit Board’s Design

Institute of Computer Technologies provides the topology design of PCBs of various types and complexity:

  • Multi-layer printed circuit boards with control of impedance
  • Boards with blind and hidden vias, HDI (high density board)
  • Printed circuit boards for the conductive cooling
  • Backplanes (Backplane)
  • Flexible and flex-rigid printed circuit boards
  • Microwave boards, analog and analog-to-digital boards
  • Boards with high speed digital and analog-digital interfaces

PCB design service includes:

  • Calculation and design of the stack
  • Design of high-speed circuits and differential pairs
  • Analysis and modeling of noise immunity
  • Analysis and modeling of signal integrity
  • Modeling and calculation of heat generation

During the PCB design engineers of Institute of Computer Technologies are guided by the requirements of IPC standards.

The development is subjected to the requirements of manufacturability and assembly of printed circuit boards (DFM and DFA principles).

Interactive tracing

3D visualization

Institute of Computer Technologies provides services of PCBs’ redesign.

PCBs’ redesign does not involve significant changes in the circuit project solutions and is required in the following cases:

  • The finished project contains outdated production components that need to be replaced
  • The finished project should be optimized for mass production: the replacement of pin packages to the SMT-components for automatic mounting, replacement of hard purchased components to their counterparts
  • The finished project is made on outdated CAD-systems and it must be converted to modern applications
  •  The design documentation of the project is lost partially or completely and is necessary to be restored

Electronics Design and Development

Institute of Computer Technologies provides service of electronics design.

The key specialization are:

  • Digital signal processing based on FPGA and DSP processors
  • A/D and D/A systems
  • Embedded systems based on SoC processors for various application
  • Processing systems for special applications according to the specifications of Compact PCI, VME and VPX

The benefits of cooperation with ICTech:

  • High efficiency of the development process
  • Extensive experience of the company in the sphere of development
  • Use of proven technology solutions


  • Mathematical methods and design tools to prove the concept solution
  • Functional, timing simulation and verification. Simulation of heat flow and electromagnetic interference
  • Optimization by various criteria: cost, power consumption, integration, performance and reliability
  • Complete complex solutions using modern EDA / CAD software

The service of electronics design includes manufacturing of a prototype and supplying of complete documentation set. All intellectual property rights, including documentation, designs, schematics and software will be granted to customer unless otherwise stated in contract.

Production of Microwave Filters

Institute of Computer Technologies offers a range of three, four and five-stage bandpass ceramic microwave filters.

The produced monolithic ceramic resonators provide the performance of microwave filters in a temperature range from -55 ° C to +85 ° C. The minimum level of insertion loss in the passband for the three-stage filters is not exceeding 1.5 dB.

Three-stage bandpass ceramic microwave filters

Four-stage bandpass ceramic microwave filters

Name Center
frequency, MHz
width, MHz
Insertion loss
dB, not more
(dB) min, MHz
Ripple in BW,
dB, max
not more
ldimensions, mm
3PM1344E37B 1334 20 1,0 40 dB ±66 1,0 1,0 18,5×6,5×9,3
3PM1555E37B 1555 4 8,0 40 dB ±55 3,0 1,9 18,4×7×8,5
3PM1589E37B 1590 40 1,5 40 dB ±180 1,0 1,6 18,4×7×8,8
3PM1189E37B 1189,5 51 1,5 35 dB±175 3,0 1,5 12,5×4,5×12
Name Center
frequency, MHz
width, MHz
Insertion loss
dB, not more
(dB) min, MHz
Ripple in BW,
dB, max
not more
ldimensions, mm
4PM1575E37B 1575 20 4,5 35 dB ±45 1,1 1,5 17×4,8×9,1
4РМ1602Е37B 1601,5 17 4,5 40 dB ±100 1,1 1,5 17×4,8×9,1
4РМ836Е37B 838 35 3,0 60 dB ±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х15
4РМ881Е37B 881 35 3,0 60 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х14,7
4РМ897Е37B 897 35 3,0 60 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х14,7
4РМ942Е37B 942 35 3,0 60 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х14,5
4РМ1729Е37B 1729 38 3,0 45 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х8
4РМ1766Е37B 1766 38 3,0 45 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х7,8
4РМ1824Е37B 1824 38 3,0 45 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25×6,8×7,6
4РМ1861Е37B 1861 38 3,0 45 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х7,4
4РМ1865Е37B 1865 38 3,0 45 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х7,4
4РМ1895Е37B 1895 38 3,0 45 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х7,2
4РМ1945Е37B 1945 38 3,0 45 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х7
4РМ1975Е37B 1975 38 3,0 45 dB±100 1,0 1,5 25х6,8х6,8
4РМ2245Е37B 2245 90 1,0 20 dB±100 0,5 1,3 25×6,0×7,0

Five-stage bandpass ceramic microwave filters

Name Center
frequency, MHz
width, MHz
Insertion loss
dB, not more
(dB) min, MHz
Ripple in BW,
dB, max
not more
ldimensions, mm
5РМ1575Е37B 1575 20 4,0 43,5 dB ±45 1,0 1,5 31×7×9
5РМ1601Е37B 1600,5 15 4,5 43,5 dB ±45 1,0 1,5 31×7×9
5РМ1602Е37B 1601,5 17 4,0 43,5 dB ±43,5 1,0 1,5 31×7×9
5РМ1588Е37B 1588 40 2,5 40 dB±85 1,0 1,6 31×7×8,5
5РМ1589Е37B 1590 40 2,5 40 dB±85 1,0 1,6 31×7×8,5
5РМ1593Е37B 1595,5 51 2,5 40 dB±94,5 1,0 1,6 31х6,6х10
5РМ1238Е37B 1248,5 27 2,5 40 dB±88,5 1,0 1,6 31х6,6х10
5РМ2068Е37B 2067,5 83 1,5 30 dB±130 0,8 1,4 31×7×7
5РМ1736Е37B 1756 16 4,0 40 dB±47 1,0 1,5 31х6,9х8,1
5РМ1783Е37B 1783,25 10,5 4,0 35 dB±47 1,0 1,5 31х6,6х8,1
5РМ1796Е37B 1796,25 12,5 4,0 40 dB±60 0,3 1,5 31х6,9х7,9

Quality control and acceptance of bandpass microwave filters is conducted in accordance with the requirements of All Union State standards 25360-82 and includes the following stepss:

1. Control of solderability after storage;

2. Weight checking;

3. Checking of electrical parameters;

4. Test of strength when subjected to a sinusoidal vibration;

5. Test of strength during transportation;

6. Functional testing at elevated operating temperature (+85 ° C);

7. Functional testing at a lower operating temperature (-55 ° C);

8. Testing of the impact of changes in ambient temperature (-60 to +90 °C).

The area of application of the following bandpass microwave filters is home appliances, as well as terminal telecommunications devices of military and industrial applications with high demands on the fault-tolerance of electronic equipment.

It is possible to produce bandpass microwave filters according to the customer's technical specifications.

Production of Stencils

Institute of Computer Technologies provides a service of the production of stencils made of stainless steel by method of laser cutting for surface-mounted assembly of PCBs .

The material thickness of the stencil:

  • 0.050 mm (recommended to reinforce the edge of the stencil)
  • 0.080 mm (recommended to reinforce the edge of the stencil)
  • 0.100 mm (recommended to reinforce the edge of the stencil)
  • 0.120 mm
  • 0.127 mm
  • 0.150 mm
  • 0.200 mm
  • 0.300 mm

Edge reinforcement of a stencil is performed by contact welding of additional strips of a material with thickness of 0.2 mm in the area of the perforation apertures.

Institute of Computer Technologies also offers multi-level stencils.

Multilevel stencil is used if it is necessary to apply solder cream with different layer of thicknesses on the PCB. This becomes necessary when mounting the individual electronic components with special requirements to the amount of solder paste.

Multilevel stencils can be made with the decrease of the individual apertures as well as with the increase. Also it is possible to make a stencil with several levels of thickness change.

Institute of Computer Technologies manufactures stencils on an aluminum frame.

Variations of aluminum extrusion section:

  • 20x30 mm
  • 30x40 mm
  • 40x40 mm

The maximum frame size is 736 x 736 mm.

Stencils on frame keep constant tension of the metal for a long time during the operation.

Stencils on frame are recommended for large-scale assembly of electronic products.

To eliminate the microroughness and to smooth sharp edges we recommend making stencils with the option of electrolytic polishing. This will ensure a better application of solder paste and will prevent the adhesion of the paste in narrow spots and corners of the apertures.

All stencils undergo the quality control of manufacturing on a specialised system of automatic optical inspection (AOI).

Specialists of the Institute of Computer Technologies will provide advice on the design of stencils to meet the requirements of specific lines of automatic mounting, on which it is planned to use the produced stencil .

PCBs Assembly Service

Institute of Computer Technologies provides electronics manufacturing services. Production sites are equipped with modern, reliable and high-tech production complex with all necessary equipment for automated and manual assembly.


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Acceptance criterion /quality control

PCB dimensions (max)

BGA assembly

uBGA assembly

Lead free packages CCGA, CSP, LGA assembly

Assembly of microchips with small pitch

Assembly of small sized passive components

Lead free assembly

Mixed BGA assembly (with lead and lead-free)

Non-standard elements assembly

Press-fit connectors pressing in

BGA repairing and reballing

Manufacture of cable-harness products

508x508x5,0 mm

pitch up to 0,4 mm



up to 0,4 mm

from 01005







IPC A-600

Requirements for

soldering and electronic

assemblies acceptance

criteria: IPC A-610,



BGA, CSP, HDI Flip Chip:


IPC-7094, IPC-7095


J-STD-020, J-STD-033,


IPC 7711, 7721

IPC A-620

Certified Quality

Management System

ISO 9001:2015


Protection System



Quality control system for

finished products according

to IPC standards